Samos is a holiday paradise – look at my favourite spots!

  1. Pythagoreion. Samos has many villages for a perfect holiday. My favourite so far is Pythagoreion. It has a lively harbour, shopping streets, lots of good restaurants and bars and good beaches.

My favourite view in Pythagoreion is from the Hotel Antionios´roof pool. This photo makes me happy during the Finnish cold and dark winter. Antonios is a very nice and cosy family hotel in a very good location. The harbour is near and the closest beach is only about 100 metres away.

Pythagoreion harbour is an idyllic place to spend your time and meet people – the new and old aquintaces. Many tourists come year after year. But Pythagoreion needs new people too. In the summer months the harbour often has many luxury yachts in it too.

Captain Andreas takes you to fun day trip with his boat to Samiopoula island. He is an old and experinced navigator, entertainer and a very good dancer.

My favourite beach in Pythagoreion , the Potokaki beach stretches a long way from Pythagoreion almost til Ireon. They beach is a nice mixture of pebble and sand. It has lots of air and space but the waves don’t get too rough. This is the Doryssa Seaside Resort part of the beach. Doryssa is the biggest hotel in Samos and very nice. If you need manicure, pedicure or other treatmens – go there.

Children enjoy Samos a lot. Here is my daughter jumping in the Doryssa’s pool.

Before and after dinner – go to a bar. Here is Gregory Spagos, the owner of the Gregory’s Bar – a very wellknown meeting point in Pythagoreion. Fun people, relaxed atmosphere and good drinks.

Strawberry Margarita.

The Pythagoreion town beach is also nice and relaxed place with calm water. You don’t pay for the chairs and umbrellas but you are asked to eat in the restaurant that keeps the beach. I ate lunch in Faros Fish Restaurant which had an excellent crab salad.

Crab salad at Faros Fish Restaurant at the Pythagoreion town beach.

2. Archeological sites and museums. Samos is one of my favourite greek islands because of the interesting museums and archeological sites. For example Pythagoreion’s archeological museum is excellent and in a new airconditioned building. I stronly recommend it.

The history of Samos and Greece can be very well examined in the Samos museums.

The Heraion of Samos was a large sanctuary to the goddess Hera. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Pythagoreio archeological museum has an excellent collection.

The wine museum is well worth a visit. Samos soil is very rich and the island procuces especially excellent aperitives and dessert wines.

Famous wines of Samos.

…to be continued with the monasteries, Koumaradei, Kokkari etc…